Bottle Gourd skin with potatoes


You wouldn’t find many Indian main dish recipes on my blog, not because I dont eat them or enjoy cooking them, as a matter of fact I do enjoy cooking them the most, but because on weekdays my food is prepared by my maid who cooks rotis, one veg , one daal, a salad box and 2 glasses of juice everyday. Hence, I mostly end up cooking snacks/ breakfast items/ desserts. However on sunday afternoons I do make an exception of cooking Indian main dish myself.

Mausi (my maid) had cooked bottle gourd soup on saturday evening and I had told her to store the bottle gourd skins. I have tasted a nice dum aloo kind of thick gravy potatao dish around 10 yrs back when I was posted in Nainital. My roomate’s mom cooked it and asked me to guess what the gravy was made of and I just could not guess that it was the skin of the bottle gourd which we normally throw away as garbage. It can form an nice healthy gravy in many curries. I cooked it with just plain potatoes.


Potatoes – 3-4 medium sized

Skin of bottle gourd – 1 piece/ 2 cups shreded

Jeera – 1/2 tsp

Onion – 1, Ginger – 1/2 inch, Garlic – 3-4 cloves, green chillies – 2

Tomato -1

Turmeric powder, Red chilli powder, garam masala, dhaniya powder – 1/4 tsp each

Salt to taste, 1/4 cup water

Method :

Method is similar to making any Indian curry. I shredded the gourd skins first in the mixer and kept it aside. Next I heated 2 tsp of oil in a pressure cooker and put jeera in it. Meanwhile I ground onion, ginger, garlic, green chillies and sauteed them in that oil for a few minutes. Next I pureed the tomatoo and added it too in the cooker with all the dry masala.


Fry the masala properly for a couple of minutes till it starts leaving the sides of the cooker and oil separates. Till such time you can peel and cut potatoes into 8 large quarters. Now add these and the shreded skins in the masala and let it cook for some time till masala coats the vegetable evenly and seeps in. Now add water and put the cooker lid. Cook it for 2 whistles and garnish it with chopped parsely/ coriander. Add a little lime juice or raw mango powder for a tang!



About kalpanamudaliar

Hello friends! Cooking is my passion and so are animals and hence this blog on vegan recipes. I live with my two rescued indidogs Bobo and Choco and am absolutely crazy about them maybe a little less than how much they are about me. This blog is about my experiments with varioud foods and providing vegan alternatives for a guilt free living.
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