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Healthy cabbage rolls

Thats the super healthy vegan cabbage rolls which I made for sunday lunch. As usual my breakfast had been heavy and in the Mumbai May heat I just wanted to eat some salad and drink some shake. These rolls are … Continue reading

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Oats choc chip cookie

So I have downloaded this app on my phone called the ‘My fitness pal’ and it helps me count calorie intake and burnt during the day everyday. Its really a fun app and I and my friend are addicted to … Continue reading

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Beetroot peas potato cutlet

Last weekend was very relaxing and my routine was swimming in the morning, dog park in the evning; cooking, sleeping, reading in between. The mid week holiday on Wednesday was no different. What was different was the new book that … Continue reading

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Choclate Coconut bars

This post is all about chocolates. Now that I am back to my healthy self and I have started swimming on weekends/ holidays to brun off calories, I do deserve to eat chocolates. For chocolate recipes, my favourite blog is … Continue reading

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Tomato garlic coconut chutney

Past week had a couple of holidays. This week, next week and week after that each have one holiday mid-week! Isnt that just awesome! Mid week holiday is a grace, it helps you go through the week happily. Wish all … Continue reading

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Brownie in cup

I have rested two whole days Monday and Tuesday and feel quite ok now. Ok enough for a choclate brownie! I often bake my cake or brwonie in a cup just enough for a few bites and most of the … Continue reading

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Veg and fruit salad with keri sauce

I am sorry for I am going to still go on  with the story of my health or rather ill health. I did goto work on Friday but pushed off for the passport office where I had an appointment for … Continue reading

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Tomato Potato soup

Its been a really sick weekend, I mean literally. I slept most of Saturday and Sunday after having an upset stomach. The only thing I ate outside was poha and vada paav atthe saturday morning seminar but that wasnt the … Continue reading

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Seitan (wheat meat)

The Kindle gifted to me by my brother has proved to be absolutely awesome. I have started borrowing e-books from the New York Public Library online and downloading them on the kindle. I have 4 books as of now and … Continue reading

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Wheat paratha stuffed with leftover rice

I am back to Mumbai after one week of gluttony in Lucknow. It always feels so bad to leave parents and home, one can never get used to that sadness. I tried to focus on excitement of meeting Bobo Choco. … Continue reading

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