Tomato garlic coconut chutney


Past week had a couple of holidays. This week, next week and week after that each have one holiday mid-week! Isnt that just awesome! Mid week holiday is a grace, it helps you go through the week happily. Wish all 52 weeks of the year were like these. I started my holiday with a nice, hot and hearty breakfast, followed by a swim! Yes I went swimming in the hot sun, shrugging aside all worries of getting a tan and it felt like going to the beach. And I was reminded of how much I really love swimming! After swimming for about an hour in the nearly empty pool, I got the membership form to take membership for 6 months. Right now I had gone as a friend’s guest.

Anyways this post is about what I ate before the swim. The South Indian in me craves for piping hot idlis and dosas every now and then. The idli craving I satisfy by buying it from the local anna who comes on a bicycle with three different huge containers carrying idli, chutney and sambhar. It fresh, warm and homemade and the guy stands just outside my building gate. Dosa is something I make quite often. In south we have a veriety of sides to be eaten with dosa. I am particularly fond of the tomato coconut garlic chutney which has a distinct flavour of garlic. It can replace normal coconut chutney and has so much more flavour in it. I wonder why its not usually served in Udupi restaurants.

With dosa I also made a mock chicken curry on the lines on chicken chettinad. When I was a non-vegetarian this was my favourite curry to go along with dosas but honestly I did not quite like the mock chicken curry that I made chettinad style. Not because of the chicken part but because of its heavy dose of spices. I realise that after turning vegan I prefer fresh green dishes to the overly spiced, fried ones. Hence I am not sharing the recipe of this curry here but here are the pics to give an idea.






And now some pics of bobo choco relaxing on my couch on a lazy holiday afternoon.






Finally the tomato garlic coconut chutney


Servings : 1 cup


Coconut – 1/4 of a coconut

Onion – 1

Tomato – 1

Garlic – 3-4

Green chillies – 2

Salt to taste

Method :

– Chop everything except coconut and salt

– Saute onion, garlic for some time then add tomatoes

– Grind coconut in the mixer and then add the sauteed veggies. Add salt to taste and the chutney is ready!


About kalpanamudaliar

Hello friends! Cooking is my passion and so are animals and hence this blog on vegan recipes. I live with my two rescued indidogs Bobo and Choco and am absolutely crazy about them maybe a little less than how much they are about me. This blog is about my experiments with varioud foods and providing vegan alternatives for a guilt free living.
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  1. Tara says:

    This was great! So easy!

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