Beetroot peas potato cutlet

IMG_6735Last weekend was very relaxing and my routine was swimming in the morning, dog park in the evning; cooking, sleeping, reading in between. The mid week holiday on Wednesday was no different. What was different was the new book that I have started reading – ‘Following Atticus’ by Tom Ryan. Its about a man and small dog who hike forty eight peaks together one summer and go ahead and do twice of that one winter. In thier part of the world somewhere in US, there is a mountaineering club and whoever finshes climbing 48 four thousand footers becomes a member and gets a certificate. Inspired by this, me and my colleague have decided to do climb all mountains nearby Mumbai this monsoon season.

Hiking during monsoon is a must do activity for Mumbaikers. This region of the Indian subcontinent is covered by the Sahyadri range or the western ghats. These ghats come to life in monsoon when clouds meet the rain drenched green hills and the beauty is simple breathtaking. Rains will begin in June so I have a month to gear up and build my stamina and research on all the near by peaks. So lot of adventure coming your way!

Now back to the post, I did quite a bit of cooking this wednesday. For breakfast I made methi paratha from left over aloo methi of previous day and beetroot potato cutlet. After the heavy break fast I made some green salad for lunch which I had with some chana masala. Dinner was besan ka cheela which is dosa made of chickpea flour. I added some raagi flour and semolina flour to make it healthier and crispier and some chopped onions for that extra crunch. I am sharing the pics of all these items but giving the recipe of just one for now – beetroot peas potato cutlet

IMG_6736IMG_6737IMG_6740IMG_6743Ingrediants :

Beetroot – 2

Potatoes – 2

Peas – 1/2 cup

Onion – 1

Garlic – 3-4, Green chillies – 2

Salt, red chilli powder, garam masala to taste

IMG_6726IMG_6728IMG_6730IMG_6732Method :

– Boil the potato , beetroot and peas in a cooker.

– Mash the peas, potato and grate the beetroot.

– Chop onion, garlic and green chillies (optional) and saute them in a pan. Add peas and beetroot and cook for some time.

– To this mixture add the mashed potatoes, salt, red chilli, pinch of garam masala and make cutlets. I made some where the inside filling was beetroot and outside cover was just potatoes (white ones) and some with beetroot potato mixed together (pink ones)

– Dip the cutlet in bread crumbs or semolina and shallow fry on a pan till crisp on both sides. Enjoy with some green chutney!


About kalpanamudaliar

Hello friends! Cooking is my passion and so are animals and hence this blog on vegan recipes. I live with my two rescued indidogs Bobo and Choco and am absolutely crazy about them maybe a little less than how much they are about me. This blog is about my experiments with varioud foods and providing vegan alternatives for a guilt free living.
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