Pita bread with hummus

IMG_7132Pita bread with hummus is a classic appetizer for all seasons. Fulfilling and healthy and vegan ofcourse. And once you start making your fresh from the oven pita bread, you will never buy from the store again. Its is so simple to make and is so similar to our roti bread that it can as well be a last minute meal on any busy day. And oh yes! days have been pretty busy here for me.

After last week’s Scuba, I continued with my trekking adventure last weekend. We were four of us and decided not to join any group and goto Peth – Kothaligad. We took the same train which starts from VT and goes to Karjat and boarded it at the station closest to our residences. I had read on the net that the base village was Ambavalli 1 hr from Karjat station and the climb was around two hrs. However we took almost 3.5 hrs to climb and the entire trek from base to back was for around 6 hrs!!


We saw these beautiful waterfalls on our way up. The entire ghats had come to life in the monsoons. It was breathtaking and simply magnificient! The trek was actually like climbing two hills, one till the Peth village which was pretty ok. Here is the village scene-


After the village was a steep climb to the fort. It was quite a risky climb and some people were even carrying rock climbing ropes. I slipped twice with little swelling on my palm. The view from the top of the fort made it all seem so worthwhile! We climbed down leisurely enjoying every view and had a hot lunch at the Peth village.


Now back to the pita bread. I made the dough from the usual whole wheat flour, added sugar and salt to taste. Added some proofed yeast and kept it aside for 10 min. Rolled it like a roti and puffed it on tawa. Can be done in the oven too, gas is faster though.


It gave beautiful spherical breads hollow from inside. They can now be cut into half and used as pita pockets or cut into smaller pieces, sprinkled with olive oil and few spices and grilled in the oven for few minutes to make pita chips or can be had as it is with hummus or any other dip!



About kalpanamudaliar

Hello friends! Cooking is my passion and so are animals and hence this blog on vegan recipes. I live with my two rescued indidogs Bobo and Choco and am absolutely crazy about them maybe a little less than how much they are about me. This blog is about my experiments with varioud foods and providing vegan alternatives for a guilt free living.
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