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Puran Poli

Wishing everyone a very happy GudiPadwa. Most Indian desserts are heavily milk based but interestingly, few Maharashtrian desserts are vegan minus the ghee for flavouring like Puran Poli and Modak. So I set out to make puranpoli to feel the … Continue reading

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Soy Cutlet

Isn’t that a beautiful burger with carrots on the side instead of fries! The cutlet inside this one is actually a potato cutlet, so I thought why not make this burger even healthier by making soya cutlets. Now soya is … Continue reading

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Fermented beetroot carrot juice (kanji)

I know the above picture doesn’t look like the juice which the topic mentions. The thing is I am going to share the recipe for the juice but have no picture of it as of now. So I put up … Continue reading

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Gluten free frankie

  Days have been quite crazy preparing for the Women’s Day function.We have been practicing our two dance items for almost two and a half months now and the final day is almost here. Apart from song selection, dancer selection … Continue reading

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